Ability to download/see full logs during build

Description of the feature request

I would like to be able to see full long even during the build. It can be either on website or by downloading the log file.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Now during the build it’s impossible to go through the long log because its beginning is truncated (behavior similar to tail command). Sometimes when builds are long (let’s say over 10-15 minutes) I would like to check if some step at the beginning was correct.

Please let me know if such feature would be possible.

Hello there, thanks for the feature request, but only after the build is complete then you can download it, also if the build is open in the browser you can see everything that already happened.

Unfortunately due to bug reported here it’s impossible to scroll through long logs - they’re hidden.

Also, performance of the build page during build (i.e. appending the logs live) is very poor - it consumes the most resources of all pages currently opened in Chrome on my computer. The fans of my MBP 13" start to work hard few seconds after the build started. I can issue a bug related to this if it wasn’t reported earlier.

Here is a screenshot from Chrome task manager:

I’m really sorry you experience these things, this is a constant place of improvement for the website team.