Build slug missing in download logs button

Download Logs button on the build page points to
Which gives json with 404 error. After inserting build slug to the empty path part, file is downloaded properly.

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Hi @koral,
Thanks for reporting. We will check it ASAP.

@koral which browser and on which page (url)? So far we could not reproduce this issue.

It is reproducible in all the apps I’ve checked.
I mean DOWNLOAD LOGS button from the screenshot (visible after clicking LOAD FULL LOGS):

One of the build URLs: Bitrise - Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery - iOS & Android Build Automation

Browser: Chrome/Chromium 62, both Linux and macOS.

Does it work if you’d click it before clicking Load Full Logs?

Download Logs should be available without loading Full Logs; these are separate functions, both available once the build finishes and the log is archived.

That said I tried to reproduce, Chrome 62, macOS, but so far it never happened.

@erosdome please check, might be related to user permissions? :thinking: maybe if the user is not an owner or admin in the project?

There is no such button before.
Here is how it looks like:

There is only green, “Download log” button (not logs). It works properly.

So to sum up, here are steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a build page.
  2. Click “LOAD FULL LOGS”.
  3. Wait until it turns into “DOWNLOAD LOGS”
  4. Click it (not “Download log”).

BTW if those 2 buttons should perform the same action, shouldn’t their text be consistent?

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Ahh, OK, now I totally understand what you mean, thanks for the step by step repro! To be honest I didn’t even know that Load Full Logs once activated transform / changes to “Download Logs” O_O

I’m not sure when and why this was added. Initially, and this is how I always used these, the “load full logs” button simply disappeared after activation, I believe and the separate green Download log button was meant to provide the download functionality. I always used the green Download log to download the logs, didn’t even notice that Load Full Logs also changes to a download button after activation…

In any case I bumped this to the top of our task list for an inspection, thanks again for reporting @koral! :wink:

Hi @koral,

We released some changes which should fix all these issues. Please check it and feel free to hive us feedback.

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