Build page gets slow when watching live logs

From @kentcb on Tue Oct 25 2016 01:43:51 GMT-0400 (EDT)

When kicking off a build, I have to remember to navigate away from the build page because otherwise my CPU will become pegged at 100% and I will be forced to close the tab and re-open.

This was true when I was using Chrome on a Mac, but also true on Windows. My current Chrome version is 53.0.2785.143 m (64-bit).

Copied from original issue:

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I have the same issue, makes my computer unusable if I forget to navigate away

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I’ve got a workflow that includes a Carthage step with ‘–verbose’. Watching the build run in Chrome (with follow mode on) it pegs a CPU.

I ran the Chrome Developer Tools time profiler on it and saved the profile, which is meaningless to me since it’s based on obfuscated/minified javascript names. But perhaps it will help you diagnose.

Here’s the CPU profile log, if it’s helpful:

Thanks for all the details @lyricsboy!

@corymsmith @lyricsboy we rolled out a couple of updates which should make the real-time log viewer more efficient / less CPU intensive, would love to hear what you think