Xcode Test for iOS v5.0.0

What’s Changed

By default the xcbeautify log_formatter is used. The previous default xcpretty is still available.

The Device destination specifier (destination) Input now uses the device called Bitrise iOS default by default.
Where already created, this device is:

  • iPhone 8 with iOS Simulator runtime 16 and earlier (Xcode 14 and earlier)
  • iPhone 11 with iOS Simulator runtime 17.0 and later (shipped in Xcode 15 beta)
    If a device with this name is not found (e.g. in a local dev environment), the first matching (platform and OS specifiers are considered) device will be selected.

The Enable collecting cache content (cache_level) Input is set to none by default. The previous swift_packages is still available.
This option is needed with branch-based (legacy) caching.
With the newer, better performing key-based caching, you only need the Restore SPM cache and the Save SPM cache Steps to cache your Swift packages. See devcenter for more information.

Full Changelog: Comparing 4.7.5...5.0.0 · bitrise-steplib/steps-xcode-test · GitHub

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