Start Xcode simulator v0.2.1

What’s Changed

  • Added support for Rosetta Simulator (using arch=x86_64 key):
- xcode-start-simulator:
   - destination: platform=iOS Simulator,name=Bitrise iOS default,OS=latest,arch=x86_64
- xcode-test:
   - project_path: ./ios-sample/ios-sample.xcodeproj
   - scheme: ios-sample
   - destination: $BITRISE_XCODE_DESTINATION # Use the same destination as the xcode-start-simulator Step
   # Disabling parallel testing ensures that prebooted device is used. ARCHS=x86_64 is optional, to enable project compilation
   - xcodebuild_options: -verbose -parallel-testing-enabled NO  ARCHS=x86_64
  • Added support for Bitrise iOS default device
  • Check for iOS Simulator ↔ Xcode compatibility when using latest device for destination

Full Changelog: Comparing 0.2.0...0.2.1 · bitrise-steplib/bitrise-step-xcode-start-simulator · GitHub

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