Xcode Test for iOS v4.0.0

Revamped the step’s input structure.

  • Replaced simulator_device, simulator_os_version, and simulator_platform inputs with destination. This is passed to xcodebuild as the -destination parameter. For example, if you previously used simulator_device: iPhone 8 Plus, simulator_os_version: 15.0, and simulator_platform: iOS Simulator, destination should be platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 8 Plus,OS=15.0.
  • New input: Build settings (xcconfig_content). Allows you to override the project’s build settings. Creates a temporary file with the given input value as content and passes it to xcodebuild as the -xcconfig parameter.
  • Renamed is_clean_build input to perform_clean_action.
  • Renamed xcodebuild_test_options input to xcodebuild_options.
  • Renamed output_tool input to log_formatter.
  • Renamed xcpretty_test_options input to xcpretty_options.
  • Renamed verbose input to verbose_log.
  • Removed export_uitest_artifacts input since this is no longer supported on modern Xcode versions.
  • Removed generate_code_coverage_files input in favor of xcconfig_content. If you’d like to generate legacy code coverage files, you should add GCC_INSTRUMENT_PROGRAM_FLOW_ARCS=YES and GCC_GENERATE_TEST_COVERAGE_FILES=YES separated by newline characters (\n) to the xcconfig_content input.
  • Removed disable_index_while_building input since this is no longer an issue on modern Xcode versions.
  • Removed single_build input because should_build_before_test is removed (they were used in conjunction).
  • Removed should_build_before_test input since this is no longer an issue on modern Xcode versions.
  • Re-organized categories.
  • Updated titles, summaries, and descriptions.

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