Xcode Build for Simulator v1.0.0

What’s Changed

No longer requires a specific Simulator device to be available, as we target generic devices (for example: generic/platform=iOS Simulator).
Applied new Input config standards.

Migration guide

  • New input: destination input, to specify a generic device:
    Destination specifier describes the device to use as a destination. Can be one of: generic/platform=iOS Simulator, generic/platform=watchOS Simulator, generic/platform=tvOS Simulator.

    • destination replaces the now removed simulator_device, simulator_os_version and simulator_platform.
  • New input: Build settings (xcconfig_content). Allows you to override the project’s build settings. Creates a temporary file with the given input value as content and passes it to xcodebuild as the -xcconfig parameter.

    • Removed code_signing_allowed in favor of xcconfig_content. To enable code signing, set CODE_SIGNING_ALLOWED=YES in the xcconfig_content Input.
    • Removed disable_index_while_building.
  • Renamed is_clean_build to perform_clean_action.

  • Renamed output_tool to log_formatter. Can be xcpretty or xcodebuild as before.

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