Xcode-build-for-test fails for XCUITest while executing xcodebuild

I’m working on adding UI target for the iOS app. Now after adding the target and setting up testing tools in the workflow it is giving the error for the provisioning profile

error: No profiles for ‘com.azz.dgs.AZZ-Inspection-DevUITests.xctrunner’ were found: Xcode couldn’t find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles matching ‘com.azz.dgs.AZZ-Inspection-DevUITests.xctrunner’. Automatic signing is disabled and unable to generate a profile. To enable automatic signing, pass -allowProvisioningUpdates to xcodebuild. (in target ‘AZZ Inspection DevUITests’ from project ‘DGS Inspection’)

we already have automatic signing enabled in Xcode for all testing targets and app targets, but still getting this error.

Can anyone at Bitrise look into this, and suggest what I am missing.

#xcode-build-for-test #testing

Hi @harsh41!

Can you set the “Should the step try to generate a profile even if Xcode managed signing is enabled”? Input of the Auto Provision step to yes? That should create you a right profile for the new target.

Also, you don’t need the certificate profile installer step in case you are using the Auto Provision :slight_smile:

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