xCode Archive gives error with automatic_code_signing

I would like to use automatic_code_signing and I uploaded my .p8 file to bitrise but still I got error says:

issue with input: failed to parse certificate URL and passphrase inputs: code signing certificate URL: required input is not present

Did you upload a Code Signing Certificate to the Code Signing tab?

See: https://devcenter.bitrise.io/en/code-signing/ios-code-signing/managing-ios-code-signing-files—automatic-provisioning.html#:~:text=Upload%20the%20code%20signing%20certificates%20to%20Bitrise.

I would like to manage it automatically.
you can find this article how I configure my workflow: How to set up a CI/CD pipeline for your iOS app using Bitrise | Runway

and also this approach is my goal: iOS Auto Provisioning in Bitrise | Setting up an Apple Service Account

Those doc may be out of date, it would be best to use the Bitrise Docs when trying to code sign.

Apple changed a lot of things with App Store Connect APIs.

You can generate Development Certificates on the fly but you will generate 1 for every build which is most likely not desired. This is why you should upload 1 Development Certificate to Bitrise to avoid this and allow the profiles to be managed automatically.