Xcode Archive & Export for iOS v4.1.0

Added support for automatically managing code signing

Will choose automatically between xcodebuild-managed and Bitrise-managed signing.
Requirements for using xcodebuild-managed code signing assets:

  • The Xcode project has the Automatically manage signing option turned on.
  • The The minimum days the Provisioning Profile should be valid (min_profile_validity) Input is left on the default (0) value
  • Xcode version in use is at least 13.
  • API key is used for authentication, not Apple ID.

If the above conditions are not met, will use Bitrise-managed signing.

xcodebuild for managing code signing assets with API key

Uses the CI integration support introduced in Xcode 13 to manage app IDs and profiles. (Distribute apps in Xcode with cloud signing - WWDC21 - Videos - Apple Developer)

Bitrise-managed code signing assets

Integrates the functionality of the iOS Auto Provision with App Store Connect API and iOS Auto Provision with Apple ID Step.


Preserving the valid certificates to the Bitrise Code Signing tab is still a requirement.

  1. First, set the new Automatic code signing (automatic_code_signing) input to api_key or apple_id.
    • Must use Apple services connection (Apple services connection), setting Apple authentication via Step inputs is not supported as of now.
  2. Configure the Register test devices and The minimum days the Provisioning Profile should be valid inputs, if they were set to a custom value previously.
  3. Remove iOS Auto Provision and Certificate and profile installer Steps from the workflow. This is possible after all Xcode Steps that require code signing are migrated. Having multiple Steps managing code signing is not an issue.

Step specific migration notes:

  • iOS Auto Provision with Apple ID Step
    • For more reliable code signing, move to API key authentication. (Unless using Enterprise distribution method).
  • Certificate and profile installer Step
    • This is possible if migrating to automatically managed code signing assets (Manually installing Provisioning Profiles is unsupported)
    • After removal of Certificate and profile installer, only profiles can be removed from the Code signing tab.

(Integrate code signing asset management into the step by lpusok · Pull Request #261 · bitrise-steplib/steps-xcode-archive · GitHub, Adds minumum profile days validity input. by lpusok · Pull Request #266 · bitrise-steplib/steps-xcode-archive · GitHub)

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