Xcode Archive and Export for iOS Failing


I’m getting this error on the Xcode Archive and Export for iOS:

Issue with input: failed to parse config:

  • ProjectPath: ShareSmart/app.xcworkspace: file does not exist

I have support access enabled at this url: https://app.bitrise.io/app/7b9f2af97e3c931a/workflow_editor#!/workflows?workflow_id=stg

There must be something fundamental I’m not understanding about what path it is expecting. In our git repo ShareSmart is our root directory. And in that root is app.xcworkspace.

So I have the env var set like this: BITRISE_PROJECT_PATH = ShareSmart/app.xcworkspace

Anyone know where I’m going wrong on this?



Before taking any action on this, I think when my company created my bitrise access they provided access to the wrong app. They’re working on that. Don’t proceed with this until I confirm.



Thank you Murray, please keep us posted!




Dang. I have indeed been working on the wrong app! I apologize for any churn on this and thank you for your efforts. I’m going to mark this as resolved. If it ends up that there is an issue with this app I’ll open a new ticket (and hopefully have all the facts straight).