iOS Auto Provision with App Store Connect API Step not working


For this workflow (support enabled):!/workflows?workflow_id=stg

This step requires the path to the workspace. I have an env var like this:

BITRISE_PROJECT_PATH = ShareSmart/app.xcworkspace

That’s the path to the workspace file in the repo.

But when I run the build, the log shows this:

  • ProjectPath: ShareSmart.xcworkspace

How is it resolving to that?



Hey @murray!

There is currently a known issue with how this step handles special characters. It might we worth switching to the legacy Apple ID step in the interim.

Senior Customer Engineer



Thanks @matthew.jones.

  1. Are you saying that the backslash is a special character?
  2. Would I have to go to the step repo to see the known issues?
  3. I think the steps are now open source. Is Bitrise responsible for fixing this problem or is it up to the community?
  4. How does Bitrise communicate to its customers when issues like this are fixed?

I started with the legacy Apple ID step. I couldn’t make it work (as far as I know I followed all the instructions, used your command line tool and it flowed with no errors).

Before I go back and troubleshoot that step, please confirm that the backslash is causing the problem for this step.



1.) Yes. I believe the backslash is the problem.

2.) To my knowledge we don’t have a public log of known issues. This is definitely an opportunity for improvement on our side.

3.) If it’s a core step (and this one is) Bitrise will fix the problem.

4.) It varies on a case by case basis. If it only affects a small number of issues we typically work directly with those affected.



Thanks @matthew.jones

Ok, I’ll revert to the deprecated step for now. (I think you can expect a support post on that =:-) )

If you can, please notify me when the issue is addressed. We want to get off the legacy step asap.



No worries @murray. Just as a heads up, with the holidays I think we’re probably looking at early January before this is resolved.

I’ll make a note to follow up. :slight_smile:



Hi @matthew.jones Happy New Year.

I’m not sure if paying customers complaining about something that doesn’t work affects priorities at bitrise but here I am trying anyway :slightly_smiling_face:.

When can we expect to have the iOS Auto Provision with App Store Connect API step working?

Also, did I read somewhere that the iOS AutoProvision with Apple ID step is deprecated? edit: Ok I found it.



Hey @murray. I think this has been resolved. Try again and let me know if it works. :slight_smile:


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