Xcode 10 Stack does not include iOS 9.3

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Description of the issue

Xcode 10 Stack does not support iOS 9.3 (https://github.com/bitrise-io/bitrise.io/blob/master/system_reports/osx-xcode-10.0.x.log#L316).
However, Xcode 10 does support it still.
This means even though the iPad 2 is still supported (https://github.com/bitrise-io/bitrise.io/blob/master/system_reports/osx-xcode-10.0.x.log#L295), it can never be used because this iPad only supports latest iOS 9.3.


The issue only happens with the Stack Xcode 10 on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra).
Running the Fastlane lane run_tests with the device iPad 2 triggers the failure.


fastlane run run_tests device:“iPad 2”

Local reproduction

fastlane run run_tests device:“iPad 2”

Build log

[07:29:21]: No simulators found that are equal to the version of specifier (9.3) and greater than or equal to the version of deployment target (0)

[07:29:21]: Ignoring ‘iPad 2 (9.3)’, couldn’t find matching simulator

[07:29:21]: Couldn’t find any matching simulators for ‘[“iPad 2 (9.3)”]’ - falling back to default simulator

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Hey @jean.mainguy,

This is expected, we install the iOS version release that came with the current Xcode and the latest 2 major iOS versions before it, so the Xcode 10 stack supports versions up from 10.x.

The iPad 2 device you mentioned right now can only be tested on an older stack unfortunately.

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Too bad… but understood!
Thank you very much for your quick reply!

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Of course! Thanks for understanding :blush:

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