iOS 9.3 support

In Xcode 10 Stack does not include iOS 9.3 I read that you deliberately not include iOS 9 support in in the Xcode 10 stack. However, many apps and libraries still have to support iOS 9.3 and hence test on it. Can I ask what prevents you from just also including the iOS 9 simulators? Do you want to minimize the image size?

Hi @stephan-tolksdorf!

Thanks for asking! We moved your topic to the #question-answer one, as it wasn’t really a feature request, hope that’s okay :slight_smile:

It’s our internal policy to support the latest 3 OS version in case of any given stack. We’re sorry about any inconvenience this causes and would like to point out that 9.3 is still available on the 9.4.x and the 9.2x Stack, that latter of which will only be removed in early 2019.

That said, let us know if due to this your project is facing any specific blocker issue, and we’ll look into that definitely!

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