BITRISE_OSX_STACK_REV_ID: v2019_09_11_2 uses incompatible versions of Xamarin.iOS and XCode when linking is disabled

Hello Bitrise Team,

On our project we were using latest stable Xamarin stack and after BITRISE_OSX_STACK_REV_ID: v2019_09_11_2 update we started receiving build failures with the following MTOUCH error:

error MT0091: This version of Xamarin.iOS requires the iOS 13.0 SDK (shipped with Xcode 11.0). Either upgrade Xcode to get the required header files or set the managed linker behaviour to Link Framework SDKs Only in your project’s iOS Build Options > Linker Behavior (to try to avoid the new APIs)

It looks like your latest stable Xamarin stack uses Xamarin.IOS version in couple with incompatible version of XCode (10.2.1). Could you please update XCode version to 11 to resolve the issue? For now we have to use beta stack for our CI…


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Should be resolved after the following weekend deploy, here is the PR link

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Sorry about the delay! Thankfully the merge happened and hopefully this isn’t bothering you anymore, but let us know please :slight_smile:

Thanks, everything works well now.

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