Workflow Editor "v2" (Open Source & Offline Workflow Editor)



We’re working on a complete revision of the Workflow Editor.

The new editor is built in a way that you’ll be able to run it “offline”, on your own Mac/PC, without signing in to - just like our CLI - as well as on, providing a unified editor for every use case!
It’s also completely open source, of course :wink:

The repository can be found here:

Overall look & feel:

IMPORTANT: the Workflow Editor plugin requires Bitrise CLI 1.5.4 or newer!

How to test the latest beta release:

First of all, make sure that you have the Bitrise CLI installed, v1.5.4 or newer required! (Bitrise CLI v1.5.4 installation instructions).
Once installed, run bitrise version to test the version of the CLI. If it prints 1.5.4 you’re ready to use the Workflow Editor plugin!

The Workflow Editor plugin now ships as part of the Bitrise CLI, so you no longer have to install the plugin yourself. If you have at least Bitrise CLI v.1.5.4 you can start to use the workflow-editor right away!

Note: if you just installed the CLI and you did not run any other command with it, you might have to run bitrise setup to ensure that all core plugins are available and are the right versions. If you did any bitrise run .. after the CLI install then bitrise setup is not required, as it’s done automatically when the CLI detects that it was not yet performed for the current version.

To upgrade the already installed plugin to the latest version:

bitrise plugin update workflow-editor

That’s all, you’re ready to go!

To run the workflow editor:

cd /path/to/my/project
bitrise :workflow-editor

How to test the latest development version:

  1. Go to
  2. Clone the master branch to $GOPATH/src/
  3. Run bitrise run go-install
  4. Navigate to your project path where the bitrise.yml is stored
  5. Run bitrise-workflow-editor

Release Schedule

First versions are released both for the Bitrise CLI as a default plugin, and on, so you can enjoy using the new editor everywhere! :wink:

Bug report:

If you stumble upon any bugs, please report them to us at

Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v0.9.6 released
Intermediate release of Bitrise CLI tools
Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v0.9.5 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.22 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.21 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.20 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.19 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.18 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.17 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.16 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.15 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.14 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.13 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.12 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.11 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.10 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.9 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.8 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.7 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.6 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.5 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.4 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.3 released
The New Workflow Editor is finally available on!
Workflow Editor v1.1.2
Workflow Editor v1.1.1 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.0 released
Workflow Editor v1.1 released
Workflow Editor v1.0.23 released
Workflow Editor v1.0.22 released
Workflow Editor v1.0.21 released
Workflow Editor v1.0.20 released
Workflow Editor v1.0.18 released
Workflow Editor v1.0.16 released
Workflow Editor v1.0.15 released
Workflow Editor v1.0.14 released
Adding SwiftLint
Workflow Editor v1.0.13 released
Workflow Editor v1.0.12 released
Workflow Editor v1.0.11 released
Workflow Editor v1.0.10 released
Workflow Editor v1.0.9 released
Workflow Editor v1.0.8 released
Workflow Editor v1.0.7 released
Workflow Editor v1.0.6 released
Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v1.0.5 released
Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v1.0.4 released
Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v1.0.3 released
Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v1.0.2 released
Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v1.0.1 released
Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v1.0.0 released
Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v0.9.10 released
Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v0.9.9 released
JAVA_HOME variable
Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v0.9.8 released
Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v0.9.7 released
The following Workflows will run after this Workflow
Tabs in workflow screen to be more graphically responsive
Add "Hobby Plus" pricing tier
Multiple local workflow editors open
Multiple local workflow editors open
Workflow overview
Workflow overview
Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v0.9.4 released
Bitrise steps community
Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v0.9.3 released
Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v0.9.1 released
First beta version of the new, v2 (offline!) Workflow Editor
How to replicate workflows between apps
Workflow Editor v1.1.44 released
Monthly release of Bitrise CLI tools and summary of updates (Jan)
Workflow Editor v1.1.43 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.42 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.41 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.40 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.39 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.38 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.37 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.36 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.35 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.34 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.33 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.32 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.30 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.29 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.28 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.27 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.26 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.25 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.24 released
Workflow Editor v1.1.23 released

We just released the first beta version of the Workflow Editor. :hammer_and_wrench:
See the install instructions on the github release page.


v0.9.1 (beta) released:

  • CLI package changed from urfave CLI to Cobra CLI
  • Multiple step library support added
  • App env vars section not displayed if config YML does not contain app or envs key - fixed


The current beta of the workflow editor (v0.9.3) is now part of the latest Bitrise CLI release (v1.5.4), which means that you no longer need to install the plugin manually! If you install the Bitrise CLI 1.5.4 or newer you can start to use the workflow-editor right away!

When updates are available for the workflow editor, you’ll get notified when you start the editor, and you can update the editor with: bitrise plugin update workflow-editor


Workflow editor v0.9.4 release:






Writing here instead of a new topic since it relates to the workflow editor.

First: We’ve fully committed to the new workflow-editor and are now running our bitrise.yml files from our repo, which is awesome (source-controlled bitrise.yml (Y))

Now the question:

Is it possible to link to other bitrise.yml files? Our apps will now have like, 80-90% of their bitrise.yml file in common and we’d like to refactor out particular workflows to an another, perhaps included bitrise file?


Awesome, really great to hear you like the new WF editor @david.everlof.knowit :wink:

Sharing code between bitrise.yml s - there’s no built in way right now. You can of course bitrise run --config=/path/to/bitrise.yml from e.g. a Script step, to run another yml, but that’s… a workaround which works, but not elegant enough and certainly could be better.

Feel free to create a #feature-request for this!
Actually, this one seems to be quite close:


Alright, thank you.

Yeah, if we’ll add something like this we’ll probably use the bitrise run --config=... version. I’ll add a feature request as well though!


The WF editor is now available on too, so I’ll mark this as solved here as it’s no longer WIP / Beta anymore :slight_smile:


I’m probably missing some obvious stuff here, but I have questions…

There is no mention of running the offline editor on Windows. But it’s not clear to me whether that completely rules out the possibility…perhaps this is being worked on? Or perhaps the editor is all performed in a browser session, so using a docker image might suffice?

Worst case scenario is using a linux VM, but I just want to understand what other options I might have first.



We have not tested our CLI on Windows, so it’s not yet supported, but you can definitely setup a Linux VM there and it should be good to go.


Thanks @birmacher. Would a Docker container suffice? I can’t see any Bitrise docker images in docker hub so I’m guessing that’s not an option…?


We actually do have :slight_smile: You can find more info here about how to use them:


@ch_kent The smallest one which has the CLI preinstalled (and other tools for step development etc.):

Should be enough to run the editor, but keep in mind that the editor runs in your browser, so the related port will have to be exposed through docker.


Actually the current workflow editor uses random ports… @ch_kent Feel free to create a #feature-request at to have an option to set a fix port for the editor, which can then be specified for docker to be exposed.