What's the point of fastlane?

It seems like everything that fastlane seems to do Bitrise has a step that already does it. I have seen a lot of people wanting to use fastlane, but I’m not sure what it does and why folks want to use it.

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Hi @coltonidle,

fastlane is a similar tool as our CLI indeed. Both are open source and you can run both locally on your Mac/Linux machine.

There are PROs and CONs for both, e.g. you provide config in YML for bitrise while you write the config in Ruby for fastlane. Depends on your preference of course. Both projects are actively maintained and updates are released, but fastlane is more popular outside of bitrise. On bitrise you can use either or both of course, so it’s really up to you which one you prefer, although on bitrise.io certain steps work out of the box, without any additional configuration, as those are configured with default values for bitrise.io (e.g. where the Xcode Archive step generates the IPA - it moves it into the $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR, while if you use fastlane you’ll have to move the file there yourself if you want to use the bitrise.io built in Deploy.

So, I think it’s mostly preference, the same way some people prefer Atom over Visual Studio Code for example, while others prefer VS Code :slight_smile:

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Thanks! That does help. It is cool that Bitrise can integrate with fastlane.