Run `bundle exec fastlane` command

Hello Team,
I’m trying to install Fastlane plugin firebase_test_lab, this works perfectly when trigging Fastlane via bundle exec fastlane on local machine. However I’m unable to figure out anyway to trigger Fastlane in such way on Bitrise.
Tried this method, but no luck.

Run Fastlane

$ fastlane "deploy" "env:"
[06:56:40]: fastlane detected a Gemfile in the current directory
[06:56:40]: However, it seems like you didn't use `bundle exec`
[06:56:40]: To launch fastlane faster, please use
[06:56:40]: $ bundle exec fastlane deploy env:

Hi there @soni!

Can you please elaborate on what you are trying to do? :slight_smile:
We should have a dedicated step which utilizes Firebase Test Lab, which would be more convenient to use in this case :wink:

Hey @Roland-Bak,
It seems you didn’t get the issue. Let me explain further.
I want to use Firebase XCTest for my iOS app, So I added fastlane plugin
“fastlane-plugin-firebase_test_lab” in project. This will archive my test script and upload
it to firebase for test. This plugin works fine on my local machine, but fails on bitrise.
The plugin fails on Bitrise because Bitrise is not able to load the plugin. Though I have
added the plugin in Pluginfile, It’ll need to run fastlane command with “bundle exec”, so that
the plugin and action could be loaded.
My project has Gemfile in “work_dir”, but Bitrise not running fastlane wiht “bundle exec”.
So I want to run this “bundle exec fastlane deploy env:dev” instead of “fastlane deploy env:dev”

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