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I’m confused with the combination of Workflow steps I need.
What I want to do is to distribute a version to external testers. Currently I have fastlane and Deploy to steps. But there was no Apps generated when I checked the Apps & Artifacts tab after a successful build.

I’m not quite sure where it went wrong. Is it because I set the fastlane export method to app-store? If it’s wrong, what should I put?

Update 1: I then tried to upload the development code signing certs and profiles, then changed the export method to develop, but it is still says “No apps generated…”

Update 2: I changed the Deploy directory to where the ipa file is located /Users/vagrant/git. Now I see there are some files in the Apps & Artifacts, but the ipa to download is not there.

Update 3: Hooray, finally able to upload the IPA! I realized there is a clean_build_artifacts final step in our Fastfile that removes artifacts before it even gets uploaded by the Deploy to When we compile locally using fastlane, we use pilot to upload to Testflight, before clean_build_artifiacts, so there’s no issue. But since moving to Bitrise and trying out Deploy to, we removed pilot, but we forgot to remove clean_build_artificats, that’s all. :slight_smile:

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Awesome news, good job in finding all of this out @tolentinokas!

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Yes thanks, luckily I managed to figure it out. :slight_smile:

BTW, I have a related question. I just saw in the logs that the IPA file is in this path, /Users/vagrant/git/, so I copied it, but I’m not really sure what this path is. Is it the default directory?

Exactly. That’s the $BITRISE_SOURCE_DIR where you git repo gets pulled in.

I see. Then this $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR has a different path? Where could I see the values for this variables?

Yes, that would be /Users/vagrant/git/deploy well, these are all printed out during the build logs when using the relevant steps :slight_smile:

Does that mean I have to use $BITRISE_SOURCE_DIR over $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR, since the ipa file generated from fastlane is located in the $BITRISE_SOURCE_DIR?

Do you have any idea why fastlane is not saving to the supposed deploy path?

I’m not sure to be honest, are you not defining the output in your fastfile?

Well, you’d have to use the folder where the IPA is assgined to, just make sure to provide a specific path, like $BITRISE_SOURCE_DIR/myapp.ipa, not to attempt to deploy to whole directory :slight_smile:

Thanks! I followed ur suggestion to upload only the IPA.

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