Webhook server new endpoint: Pass-through

This new endpoint is intended for custom automatization. This endpoint can be used if you want to handle the webhook with your own scripts in the build.

We’ll share more info about what this can be used for, most likely as #how-to here, or in the form of a post on http://blog.bitrise.io/

Setup guide: https://github.com/bitrise-io/bitrise-webhooks#passthrough---setup--usage

Hi @viktorbenei

Cool stuff this new pass-through, it gives loads of flexibility.
Any chance to add (besides body and headers) query parameters to it to?

Some systems doesn’t allow to fully customize body, but it’s easy to sneak extra into as URL query parameters.

Hi @sb_ronaldopace!

Fair question, could you create a #feature-request about it? :wink: