API for Outgoing Webhooks




Is it possible to get API endpoints for listing and modifying the outgoing webhooks for a particular app?

I see there is a /apps/{slug}/register-webhook endpoint, but the documentation has no details on how to use this endpoint, and it’s not clear to me whether it’s for incoming or outgoing webhooks.



Hi @dtweston thanks for this #feature-request as well! :blush:

The /apps/{slug}/register-webhook endpoint serves to register an incoming webhook, the usage of which is included here.

While currently there isn’t such option, could you go into a bit more detail as well, to help us see why would this be useful to you?


I’m planning to build a Mac menubar app to monitor your builds, so I would use this API to automatically create a webhook for the apps that the user wants to monitor.

Let me know if that makes sense.

Also, maybe it’s just because I’m not familiar with how the incoming webhooks work, but that documentation doesn’t seem to explain the format of the request. I’d assume you would need to specify a URL at least?