Using preinstalled certificate iOS


I’m trying to build an iOS app with a wildcard bundle id.
I can see in the step certificate-and-profile-installer the certificate and provisioning (iPhone Developer: Bitrise Bot)
But when it is time to code-archive I got the following error:

  • TestProject requires a provisioning profile. Select a provisioning profile for the “Release” build configuration in the project editor.
  • Code signing is required for product type ‘Application’ in SDK ‘iOS 10.3’

What did I miss ?


Hi, we provide our bot team’s development code sign identity and a development provisioning profile (which provisions an app with wildcard bundle id).
These code sign files allows you to test/analyze and archive (if you did not specify code sign identity and provisioning profile directly in your project) your project, however these are development code sign files.
So if you want to archive your project and export an .ipa file, you would need to upload your code sign files you want to use.
You can upload your files on your app’s Workflow/Code Sign tab.


What’s the difference between:
“test/analyze and archive” and “archive your project and export an .ipa file” ?
At the end, in both case I should be able to install the app on my iPhone ? (provided I registered my device)


The difference from point of code sign view is, that you can use Development code singing to run xcode test/analyze and archive actions (also using Development code singing you can export development ipa from the xcarchive file), but to export non Development ipa you will need Release code sign files.

If you build development ipa using our code sign files, you will not be able to install that ipa on your device, since your device is not provisioned in our provisioning profile.

So to build ios ipa you will need to generate your own code sign files.

Yes my goal is to have a Development code signing to install the app on my devices. As I saw that you provide wild card one, I would like to use them.

"So to build ios ipa you will need to generate your own code sign files."
What’s the section “Registered test devices” is made for then ?

If you mean Registered test devices on your profile settings page on, it installs a trust certificate on the device, to allow you to install your ios app from the website.

On the top of the Registered test devices page there is an info label: Don’t forget to add your test devices on the Apple Developer Portal as well! this label tries to notify you that you have to add your device to your provisioning profile (which you will use to build your ipa) on Apple Developer Portal.

Oh ok this Registered test devices section is just meant for the registration to Bitrise. It is a bit confusing.
I understand now.

I will keep using my own provisioning as usual then.

Thank you

@SkyFred27 sorry for the inconveniences and thanks for the question!