Uncommitted changes: M Podfile.lock

Description of the issue

running pod install locally and on Bitrise yields a different result

Build log

[10:37:01]: Git repository is dirty! Please ensure the repo is in a clean state by committing/stashing/discarding all changes first.
Uncommitted changes:
M Podfile.lock
Git diff:
diff --git a/Podfile.lock b/Podfile.lock
index e8518ab8d…d570d1250 100644
— a/Podfile.lock
+++ b/Podfile.lock
@@ -209,7 +209,7 @@ SPEC CHECKSUMS:
GoogleAppMeasurement: a6a3a066369828db64eda428cb2856dc1cdc7c4e
GoogleDataTransport: f56af7caa4ed338dc8e138a5d7c5973e66440833
GoogleUtilities: 7f2f5a07f888cdb145101d6042bc4422f57e70b3

  • Instabug: 299463e84e842f0fc90cc28e2346aa8618950b49
  • Instabug: f6f9039750e0985efe21b003cd12927d48190e4f
    Interstellar: 4f67703a837df47cdbf15c2281ed45b31ecb6193
    JVFloatLabeledTextField: df48598472ee015701d509f43e59492a0d4ca208
    Keys: a576f4c9c1c641ca913a959a9c62ed3f215a8de9

We recommend pushing your Podfile lock or pinning dependencies to versions in your Podfile.

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