No Podfile.lock found at: /Users/vagrant/git/Podfile.lock

Determining required cocoapods version
Searching for Podfile.lock
No Podfile.lock found at: /Users/vagrant/git/Podfile.lock
Make sure it’s committed into your repository!
Searching for Gemfile.lock with cocoapods gem
No Gemfile.lock with cocoapods gem found at: /Users/vagrant/git/Gemfile.lock
Using system installed CocoaPods version

This is my Error Message. I have add a Podfile.lock in the main directory of my GitHub and another one a directory up. But bitwise doesn’t find it und I have really no Idea what could be the problem. Maybe someone could give me a tip?

P.S.: I could imagine, that there is an option to change the directory in bitwise, but i don’t know how.

Hi @feliksscholze,

Do you use CocoaPods in your project? From what you wrote it seems that you might not.
If that would be the case, feel free to remove the CocoaPods step, that’s only required if you do use CocoaPods in your project.