Unable to update Account Settings

Hello, I’m unable to update my email address on the Account Settings page. I’m getting a generic “Update failed, something went wrong” error.

Hello there @Jelzon :wave:

Could you please try logging in and open the page using an incognito window?

If the issue is also happening in an incognito window, could you please send a screenshot of the issues displayed on the browser’s console and a screenshot of the network tab of the browser’s console (make sure to open the network tab before loading the page!) Please order by status code (click the status header).

The important part for us to see would be if there are any responses that aren’t 200/201/304. :slight_smile:

Thanks for assisting @Roland-Bak! So I tried in incognito and I am getting a 400 error. I see now that the issue from the error response is that the email is already taken.

Thanks for the update!

In this case choosing a different (unused) email should work :slight_smile:

I don’t think the email is actually taken. I’m trying to reset the password of the new email and i’m not getting the reset email. Is this something you could verify for me? Could I DM the email address in question somewhere?

Hey @Jelzon,

Sure, send us a ticket at https://support.bitrise.io/hc/en-us, and we’ll look into it for you! :slight_smile:

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