Unable to clear cache on new device

One of my team members recently bought a new iPhone 8. She is unable to download our latest build, presumably because her device ID has not yet been registered. However, the device ID listed under ‘Current Device info’ on the Bitrise build page is already registered in our Apple Developer portal.

At the bottom of that same Bitrise page there are instructions to clear the new device cache in order to get a new device ID, however, clicking on the ‘clear the cache’ link does not seem to do anything. Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks for the report @clee46, we’ll investigate this ASAP and let you know what we find! :slight_smile:

Hi, I tested it and it seems to be working for me. Are you waiting enough? After clicking on the “clear the cache” link, there should be a redirect to the user’s account settings, with their registered devices tab where they can register the current device. Note: you should not do this in private mode, as the device identification uses cookies. Please inform me whether it is working as described here.

@clee46 Make sure she is going through Safari and not through a link from a third-party app. I had a similar issue, and it turned out, the link from Slack opened in the Slack Safari webview, which blocked the registration actions. I had to go to Safari, log into the account and navigate to the build I needed, then it worked like a charm. So: pure Safari in a normal mode solves it :wink:

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Ahh, indeed, @magpie I think you’re on point!

Just one note: you don’t have to manually navigate in Safari, there’s a little icon in Slack when a webpage is opened inside Slack’s webview to open the same page in Safari.

From a similar thread (iOS 11 unable to install IPA of public install page):

Another alternative: when the page opens inside Slack click the “open in Safari” icon at the bottom right corner to reopen the page in Mobile Safari.

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