Installation on iOS device fails if not installing from Safari app

Hi there,

I noticed a bug during installation on iOS device after the build is completed. I have Send A Slack Message where on Slack channel we receive new build is ready message with links to “View Build”, “Build Page”, “Install Page”. If I open the Slack app and If I select “Install Page” I go to public installation page and there I get message Register Device. After I register (install certificate in Settings) I automatically switch to Safari where I again get option Register Device (no Install App option). This circle never ends.

If I do the following - I copy link from Slack app “Install Page” and paste it into the Safari and open it from there then everything works - I register and then get install app button.

So the bug is if we try to do registration/installation from within some app which is not Safari then we are not able to install the app.

Hi @filipraj,

This isn’t a bug unfortunately, this is due to Apple no longer providing shared cookies between Safari and Safari View Controller (- where you’d open a link from Slack as you have described for example) instances since iOS11.

For this reason, your device can only be recognized when opening the install page from a native Safari session.

Hope this clears the situation up!

Thanx for the clarification.

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