Triggering apps for testing

Description of the issue

Hi, i know there is a possibility to trigger Workflows with Build Start step. Can i do the same with apps? We have 3 apps on Bitrise - for rebuilding android, ios and one for testing. We want it to work like this:

  1. New build is merged,
  2. Bitrise rebuilds the app and deploys it,
  3. When rebuilding is finished, test app is triggered and new deployed app is tested.

These 3 apps are in 3 different repositories on gitlab so i think we can’t just do another workflow in matching app for tests because it won’t have access to test app gitlab repository? Or can i clone repository of different app?

We use browserstack for testing, step Browserstack-upload generates variable $BROWSERSTACK_APP_URL. How can i pass that variable to the test app so it will modify my browserstack.yml with new url?

Test app gitlab repository has two branches - one with tests for ios and one with tests for android. How can i specify which branch will be triggered?

EDIT: I found a way to do it. Now i have to share browserstack app url between two workflows.
Right now it works like this:

  1. Android app is builded
  2. Start build step starts another workflow with tests
  3. Workflow with tests clones another repository

There i have to pass new app url to browserstack.yml so tests can work on new version of the app. Any ideas how to do it? I tried to put it as env variable and share it in Start Build Step but it doesn’t get passed. I think it isn’t even saved to environment variable because thats the output of script that i’m using.

curl -u [REDACTED]:[REDACTED] -X POST -F file=@/bitrise/deploy/app.apk

  • response=‘{“app_url”:“bs://…”}’

++ echo ‘{“app_url”:“bs://…”}’

++ jq -r .app_url

  • app_url=bs://…

  • envman add --key BROWSERSTACK_APP_URL --value bs://…

  • echo bs://…

++ cat app_url.txt

  • stored_app_url=bs://…

  • echo 'BrowserStack App URL from envman: ’

BrowserStack App URL from envman: <---- empty space suggests me that it wasn’t set

  • echo ‘Content of app_url.txt:’

Content of app_url.txt:

  • cat app_url.txt


  • echo ‘Stored App URL from file: bs://…’

Stored App URL from file: bs://…