Trigger workflow with different stack

Ability to set a stack for a workflow when triggering a build

We have the ability to set the branch, commit, tag, environment variables for a particular build but it would be useful to set a different stack too

For iOS applications, it would be good to run the same workflow with both stable and experimental/beta xcode stacks.

We currently run nightly builds off the master branch on the stable stacks ensuring an automatic way of knowing of issues
If it were possible, we’d use the same workflow but run on a beta stack providing a chance to spot issues, without affecting the stable builds and without duplicating applications or bitrise.yml files

Hi @nhammond!

Thanks for the #feature-request, but in fact you can even at the moment specify different workflows to run on different stacks.

Although this does not completely allow you to do what you describe - since there is no way to specify this during the trigger, but you could maintain different versions of the same workflow and it’s not necessary to duplicate apps or .ymls at all :slight_smile:

it’s the duplication of the different workflows that’s the issue, at least until I’ve migrated to using a bitrise.yml from a repo. I was hoping to avoid 2 workflows that do the exact same steps and variables

I see, thanks for clarifying!

no worries

You can use utility workflows to avoid duplication:

Add steps to utility workflow only and invoke that utility workflow from parent workflows associated with different stacks.