BitRise to launch multiple Workflows of the same type on the same branch (XCUITest Build-For-Testing)


Is there a way to trigger the same workflow on the same branch with different environment variables(and have also enabled

Once you compile your iOS app for build-for-testing xcodebuild feature, it could be nice to launch X workflows of a type using environment variables to signal what suite of tests do you want to run to achieve unlimited scalability. The problem is that you need to disable the auto cancel to do so (company wide).

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Hi @lucaslaincompass!

As I understand, you’d like to trigger a build for the same branch and same workflow conditionally, right?

The solution here would be to use Bitrise Start Build steps to launch those workflow from previous workflows, you can also get around the Rolling Builds limitation (depending on your settings there) since these builds aren’t triggered by webhooks :slight_smile:

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