Run workflow steps from other workflows

Let’s say, for simplicity and understanding, I have a deploy_test workflow and a deploy_prod workflow. deploy_test has the steps to build and deploy a test flavour of my app to TestFlight and AppTester; while deploy_prod has the steps to build and deploy a production flavour of my app to AppStore and Google Play.
I have created a workflow (call it full_stack) that uses “Trigger Bitrise workflow” to start these two workflows, deploy_test workflow and a deploy_prod. However, this starts 3 Bitrise CI builds (one for the full_stack, one for deploy_test and one for deploy_prod) instead of executing all the steps in a single build.
I could have all the steps in deploy_test + all the steps in deploy_prod in a single workflow, but that makes the workflow a long sausage of steps that’s harder to maintain, specially if I want to add future workflows’ steps such as execute unit tests, execute UI tests and so on.
Is there a way to achieve this currently on Bitrise?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @diegobarle,
It was indeed the actual behavior of Trigger Bitrise workflow step. I would recommend you using Bitrise Pipeline , with that you can “group” your workflows into logical pipelines. However all the steps in a single build doesn’t seem possible rather you would have a full_stack pipeline that triggers parallel deploy_test workflow and deploy_prod workflow.
Best regards,