Deploy to Notify Emails not sending


I’m trying to set up the “Deploy to” step to send emails to people outside the organization with the link to the generated apk.
The email sending works great, just like intended, but only for those who are inside the organization (by setting the “User roles” setting inside said step), I can’t seem to manage to send it to external emails: the “Notify:Emails” seems to not be working at all, what am I missing here?
I made sure to have the “Enable public page for the app” set to true and “Compress the artifacts into one file” to false.
What could be the problem? Am I missing some configuration?



Hi @pholota,

Sorry to hear about the issue. By external emails, do you mean e-mail addresses without a Bitrise account assigned to them? Does it work if you use the “Notify:Emails” field to send a mail to someone who gets it through the “Notify:User roles" option?


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