Supported screenshare clients?

So bitrise recently added the incredibly awesome remote access feature. I’ve used SSH access with no issues, but yesterday I was trying to figure out how to use the screenshare feature.

The docs are really vague about how to do this. All it says is “open a screenshare application.” This is not really a helpful description as there are many different incompatible screen sharing protocols (VNC, Apple Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, AnyDesk, etc.)

I guess macOS now ships with a VNC client at /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications/Screen When I added a vnc:// protocol to the URL, ex. vnc://<PORT> and pasted it in the Chrome URL bar, it opened this app and I was able to connect.

Would be great if info was added to docs on exactly what clients are supported and how to configure them. The apple client seems to be smart enough to figure this out, but many other VNC clients like TurboVNC you have to manually set up your SSH tunnel, specify compression scheme, etc. There are also many extensions to VNC and different clients which do not all support the same extensions, so it is important to be explicit. If I had to connect from a Linux or Windows client I still do not know how I would do it.

I am open to sending a devcenter PR to clarify this if I have time, but I want to make sure the info I have is all accurate.

Also, maybe consider adding a link on the build page in case the client supports the vnc:// protocol to make this more discoverable.

Hi there! :wave: Thanks for you suggestion! I think the rule of thumb here would be to look at what settings are required by default by macOS. We do like to have as much documentation as possible, though, I will definitely pass along your suggestion to our tech writers! Thanks! :smile:

Thanks. It’s unclear since all of this configuration is hidden on the macOS Screen I think it may do some magic under the hood to try to auto-detect the necessary configuration.

I think it’s still not at all clear how to connect to the screenshare from a non-macOS machine.

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