Bitrise macOS client


Hi guys,

I was missing a desktop app to monitor Bitrise builds for a long time and some time ago I decided to build one.
Sharing it with you now, it’s open source so you can be sure I’m not doing scary things under the hood.

Talking about features the most valuable for me is the ability to add multiple accounts (due to specifics of my work process).
Among others:

  • auto-updating build list
  • builds abort/rebuild actions
  • logs download
  • navigating to build page

Feel free to give feedback, if it will be useful for the community I’ll spend some time on a regular basis to fix bugs and maybe add some features.


Thank you for making this awesome tool! :upside_down_face:
I will send it to the writing team so they may contact you about it.


Awesome, just sent you a PR :wink:


Noticed it because BitBot sent me a push notification that your PR is building :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks!