Remote Access Instructions should include links using vnc:// and ssh:// URI schemes

Description of the feature request

When doing a build with Remote Access, VNC and SSH connection instructions are listed with values for hostname and port, username, and password. You must start your VNC or SSH client and copy/paste these values to make a connection.

VNC and SSH both have widely-understood URI Schemes that could be leveraged to provide links directly in the build interface that would minimize the amount of copy/pasting required to make a connection.

For example, in practice on a basic macOS system, a VNC connection in the Screen Sharing app can be made from with one click from a webpage displayed in Safari using a URL in this format:


# Example: vnc://

SSH is a bit trickier, since I cannot seem to get macOS Terminal to understand links with an embedded host fingerprint as suggested by provisional RFCs listed in the above-referenced Wikipedia article, but at the least, one can avoid copying more than just the password by using a link in this format:


# Example: ssh://

These links could be displayed right alongside the raw values in the interface.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I would use this every time when connecting to a build with remote access due to the improved workflow.

Hey @NReilingh, thanks for the feature request! :slight_smile: