(cont) Screen Sharing glitches with macOS 11 Stack

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Wondering what the latest update is here. It’s Mid-June and this still hasn’t been resolved :sweat_smile:

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We haven’t forgotten this and we are still investigating. Unfortunately, given the ability to remote access via SSH, this is a bit lower on the priority list than other items. It also seems to be fairly specific and does not affect all builds.

Thanks for your patience though! Hopefully this will be resolved soon


Today is the first time trying to use remote access with screen share. Seeing the distorted UI. Using Xcode 12.5/Big Sur stack.

Any ETA on when this might be resolved?

Unfortunately no update yet! Please use SSH for remote access.

If there is an issue with using SSH, please open a ticket with support and we will see if we can help.


Is there any update on this? Big Sur is causing some resolution issues that we can’t trouble shoot because we can’t log in. Something is really messed up especially with snapshotting, as the bitrise servers are snapshotting at double the resolution, and I can’t trouble shoot the issue.

Can you someone provide instructions on how to scp a folder from the test machines?


I apologize that this issue has not been resolved. This issue is very specific to Big Sur and because remote access is still available with SSH, it has a lower priority than other items.

I’m not sure exactly what folder you want to copy. If is it a folder/file created during the build on the build server, you can add a script step to copy the files to $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR and add the “deploy to bitrise.io” step. The files will then be available as build artifacts.

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