(cont) Screen Sharing glitches with macOS 11 Stack

Continuing the discussion from Screen Sharing glitches with macOS 11 Stack:

Wondering what the latest update is here. It’s Mid-June and this still hasn’t been resolved :sweat_smile:

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We haven’t forgotten this and we are still investigating. Unfortunately, given the ability to remote access via SSH, this is a bit lower on the priority list than other items. It also seems to be fairly specific and does not affect all builds.

Thanks for your patience though! Hopefully this will be resolved soon


Today is the first time trying to use remote access with screen share. Seeing the distorted UI. Using Xcode 12.5/Big Sur stack.

Any ETA on when this might be resolved?

Unfortunately no update yet! Please use SSH for remote access.

If there is an issue with using SSH, please open a ticket with support and we will see if we can help.