Support LFS in Bitrise

Hi all,

I have a GitHub project (private repo) that has LFS configured to support a large 3rd party iOS library (~128Mb binary). How can I support LFS on Bitrise, e.g. during a GitHub clone workflow.

The library is needed for the iOS build process to succeed.

Thank you in advance.


I think Git LFS is preinstalled:

So I’d just try it and see if it works.

We were able to improve performance of our git LFS pulls (and reduce our LFS data usage) by using the bitrise cache to cache the .git/lfs folder so we didn’t have to pull each object down one by one on every build.

Thanks Eliot.

I see the following errors in Bitrise:-

error: failed to fetch some objects from$user$/$repo$.git/info/lfs
Object does not exist on the server: [404] Object does not exist on the server
error: failed to fetch some objects from ‘$user$/$repo$.git/info/lfs

Any idea?


| (4) lfs pull |
| id: script |
| version: 1.1.5 |
| collection: |
| toolkit: bash |
| time: 2019-06-18T18:13:27Z |
| |

I managed to fix the issue. Seems the object had not yet been pushed to the LFS server.

Fixed via
➜ git lfs push origin BRANCH --all

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