How to build iOS static lib (.a) from Bitrise build

I have added a new repo of iOS static lib and trying to build it but failed to Archive in Bitrise.
Please suggest how to build .a lib rather .app for iOS project.

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Hi @ShaileshBIT,

How do you build it locally? Do you use a script for that?

same issue here, but for macOS: integration fails during archive stage.
I don’t use a script for creation on my Mac. It’s pure Xcode, no scripts.

Hi @Vithanco,

Can you please share a build link and enable support access in project settings?

Hi Luna,

it didn’t work, so I cancelled by subscription.

I got different people reaching out to me every day without reading the previous conversation, so just wasting my time.



Hi @Vithanco,

I’m sorry to hear this.

We’re here if you need anything else.