Step/Set of steps as a reusable variable

Dear Everyone,

I find that it would be very effective to create a reusable step instance (and an instance of a set of steps) accross different workflows.

Let say that I have one step named “myStep” that I would like to add to different workflows.
At the moment, the only I figured out for doing that is to create it again each time I need it.
Do you think it could be possible to create steps and to save those steps as some kind of reusable variables.
In this way, I could pick a step from the step store, or from my own reusable step instances that I saved from different workflows.

But, oc, if there is a way of doing such a thing (or a workaround), I would definitively be let in touch.

Best regards.
Thanks a lot.

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It is possible right now, using Workflow Chaining, it’s just a bit more advanced than simply adding a step, but once you figure out how it works it’s actually quite simple. You can find a detailed description in the docs, and in this answer which includes some common patterns/examples too:

I think this should cover what you described, if there would be a use case where you can’t use this please let us know, otherwise I’ll set an auto-close on this feature request and will be closed in a week (after that feel free to create a new thread in #question-answer and we can reopen this discussion too if required).

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