Sharing environment variables between pipeline stages

What is it?

One stage in pipeline usually provides outputs for the next stage to consume. Examples could include paths or URLs to intermediate artifacts, generated key, test results, etc.
We have developed a new step to make passing the information to the next stage easier.

  • Explicitly export environment variables: any environment variable can be exported from a workflow and automatically reused in the subsequent stages.

  • Ease of use: variables that need to be exported are explicitly listed in the YML and in the step configuration. A shorthand to export a single environment variable is available as well.

  • Enables new use cases:

    • Setup workflows can configure subsequent workflows and their steps based on the inputs or the build status. For example, developers will be able to specify which slack channel to send the notification to based on what changed in the code.
    • .Steps can be skipped based on the outcome of the previous stages. In the future, it will be possible to skip the whole workflows.

How to use it

Add the Share Pipeline Variables step in your workflows and specify the variables to share with other workflows.

Additional Documentation

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