Add ability to reference step/workflow globally between apps

From Callum Taylor on 2016/09/23 10:55:15 +0000

As an agency with many apps, we have a few steps that are the same for every app (such as sending slack message, uploading to s3 etc), some of these steps are simple, but chaging them for all apps (we will most likely have 30+) will be pretty time consuming.

Would be nice to have an ability to reference a step within a workflow, or a workflow that can just be a “pre/post” workflow, somehow with an “account step/workflow” feature, or a new step that would allow the configuration of the executing workflow on the fly.

Similarly to this would be to have the ability to have account level file storage as well as project level file storage (for shared keystores etc), this could potentially be used to serve a “step/workflow” configuration file which then could be referenced or downloaded/executed using the file downloader step

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From Felipe Oliveira on 2016/10/13 17:45:37 +0000

I have 27 apps, all workflows use the same steps, only changing thinks that could be stored in variables, like the schema, itunes connect app id, etc.

It would be perfect if I could use one workflow for all apps, only changing the variables for each one.

Note: you can do something like this by either including the bitrise.yml in your repository (or in a shared one), or using a github gist or any other source, and following this guide:

it would be great to be able to import a workflow or single steps into a workflow. Our workflow looks like this: setup, build, test, UI test. It would be cool to extract the UI test steps into a extra workflow and just import the ui test worflow into our main workflow (and others). This makes it easy to share common steps between workflows or allows us to just run the UI tests.


@crysxd just a note: if all you want is a simple copy, you can do that in bitrise.yml mode, e.g. in the Workflow Editor switch to the bitrise.yml mode, copy the related steps’ / workflows’ definition and paste it into the other project’s bitrise.yml definition.

For a more advanced “share steps/workflows” feature please vote on this feature request.

Hi @viktorbenei,
Is this “share steps/workflows” on the roadmap ? It would be awesome !

PS : I already voted


On the roadmap: definitely. Time estimation: not yet.

We’re still thinking about the right solution for this, and there are a couple of technical changes we’re working on which affects the infrastructure related codes & tools, probably after that it will be easier to see how this should be implemented.

OK. That would enhance so much the way I manage my 25 apps that I can’t wait for it :slightly_smiling_face:

Wouldn’t work? (Add ability to reference step/workflow globally between apps)

What would be your ideal solution @raphaelmina?