Dropbox step

Hi guys,

I found this custom step : https://github.com/bitrise-io/steps-dropbox-upload and I want to know how to add it in my workflow ?


It seems that step was not upgraded to Bitrise V2 syntax. There were not that many changes between the V1 (previous closed source runner format) and the V2 syntax - the most significant is the inputs syntax change.

If you’re interested in using this step @matteuf we can schedule an update for it - but first you should read the description of the step. It requires quite a bit of setup - if you’re OK with that I can update it and share it.

P.S.: ultimately I believe we did not share this Step in the new StepLib exactly because it requires too much setup, but I guess we can improve it over time.

Reading the setup guide again (in the step’s description) I think the best way to improve the setup would be to provide a DropBox auth option somewhere on bitrise.io, which would simply present you the required tokens/keys.

Ok, I just want to use this step to get my snapshot screenshots. I’m using it as prototype, in production we will make our own upload API to get screenshots.

After reading the description, it’s true that it requires a lot of stuff to do, if know an easier way to get them to make my prototype

Edit : Yes a step with only tokens/keys to provide would be cool

Would attaching the files to the build work for your prototype? http://devcenter.bitrise.io/tips-and-tricks/attach-any-file-to-build/

Seems great ! I’ll do some tests, thank you !

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