I want to create a dropdown options but its not working

Hello Team,

Could you pls tell us how to create a dropdown options for a build for user input values.

I referred the below url and tried like the below code in bitrise.yml. It’s not working.

is_required: true
title: Type of release
- dev
- uat
- preprod

Hi @radhaa!

Unfortunately customizing the UI to this extent through the .yml is not an option at the moment. The thread you are referencing here is an idea / #feature-request, not the current behaviour of the website.

Note: value_options works on step input level, but not on (workflow, app, …) env vars level.

I’d suggest you to open a #feature-request for this @radhaa, or to vote on my #feature-request ( Build / Release templates - specify inputs the user have to provide before starting the build ).

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