Static Public install page, so that QA can always download the apk of the latest build from the same location

From Scott LaHay on 2015/12/24 17:22:41 +0000

Currently Bitrise creates a unique URL, on each build, for the public install page. I would prefer to have a URL that gets updated with each build. This way, My testers will always download the latest app without me having to resend the email

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From Anonymous on 2017/01/09 09:55:15 +0000

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From Anonymous on 2016/03/11 16:24:44 +0000

That would be very interesting. We can currently do it manually (using our own server, a custom webpage and the cURL Bitrise step) but having a static install page for a desired file would definitly do the trick.

Related feature request:

We implemented this on our side with an ftp server running on our jenkins machine and sending the builds there. Shouldn’t be much harder to do it on your side with a similar structure to this


Would love to see this feature implemented. Ideally including the ability to password protect the install page.

I’m a brand new customer and would love to also vote for this feature (and am actually really surprised that there is no option for a stable URL.)

And still nothing?..

As a new customer, after getting builds to actually run, this was one of the first thing we were looking for.

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Same - would love to see this feature.

Any update on this? I believe App Center supports it, so I’m surprised to not see it with Bitrise.

Is there any update regarding this? Can we get a static public page to download apk?

No updates here? Thanks