Bitrise deployment history

Is there a way to see the consolidated builds artefacts, so users (testers) can easily revert to old versions?

Hi @tbarak!

Thanks for the question! Are you referring to artifacts of older builds, or can you please clarify what do you mean by consolidated here? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @bitce
We used to post debug versions for testers via Testfairy, and instead we are now posting the build results to slack (with QR), and the internal testers pick it from there. While we can still keep using Testfairy, the bitrise versions seems to be sufficient with one minor drawback: Testfairy had a versions options which users could use to easily install a previous version. If the deploy to bitrise step (or a similar step) could store the build urls in a fixed locations we could display to users (with some version tagging), it could be great.

Thanks @tbarak!

You do not have this option currently, but we do have two feature requests which are partially related, please see:

In case these wouldn’t match your use case completely (as I understand they don’t) feel free to add to the thread or create a new feature request about it!

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Looks good. where do we upvote?

For the feature request board, you can find a rectangle with a number inside it as a prefix for the thread name. This counts the number of votes, you should see a blue Vote button below them :slight_smile:

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