Create client install page with a list of preselected builds

From Marko Tadic on 2016/07/08 11:50:47 +0000

Currently, each build can have its public install page, so when we reach a point that we’re ready for client test we manually send them link to public install page of some particular build.

As time goes by, these links get lost somewhere inside Slack, Mail etc, so clients ask from us to send them again link for some particular version they want to test or compare with.

Now, we could (as an alternative) develop some simple backend API and webpage with a list of all builds available for client, but we think that could be a great Bitrise feature.

Our suggestion is to add new user role (beside admins, developers, testers) for clients. We could then invite a client to team of their app on Bitrise.

Clients would login to Bitrise and see just a list of preselected builds available for them (preselection is done by admins). This would be like a Bitrise dashboard for clients to install any version of their app, and later it could even also grow to dedicated iOS / Android app for installing builds from Bitrise.


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