Sonar scanner timing out on Big Sur stacks

Builds that include sonar-scanner step are failing with a timeout when using Xcode 12.5, macOS 11.2, Java 11 stack.

The error message is the following

var/folders/wp/4pf4qdmn217djs68lskdcc780000gn/T/tmp.XmCOemCJ/sonar-scanner- -X
timeout after 5400 seconds


Can you please check the script used to switch to using Java 11? There is an issue with the original script provided on the Xcode 12.5 stack. Please make sure the script you are using contains:

jenv global 11
export JAVA_HOME="$(jenv prefix)"
envman add --key JAVA_HOME --value "$(jenv prefix)"

The first line has been updated.


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