Sonarqube gradle task timeout on Gradle Runner

I am using Sonar Gradle task from
I cannot use regular sonar-scanner due to the configuration, which I want to have in Gradle config and run it as a Gradle task with dependencies to tests, detekt and so on.

My Sonarqube is running in Docker on QNAP NAS, it open from outside with port forwarding on router. I can open Sonarqube page from as well as I can run sonarqube task and generate the report.

But when I am running exactly the same from Bitrise workflow using steps-gradle-runner it hangs and throws a timeout. With no logs even in debug mode:

> Task :dependencyCheckAnalyze
Generating report for project ....
Found 0 vulnerabilities in project ....
> Task :jacocoRootReport
> Task :detekt UP-TO-DATE
> Task :sonarqube
timeout after 1800 seconds

I tried also regular SonarQube Scanner task - it was able to connect to my Sonarqube instance and download plugins. But it is not enough for me, due to external config file required.

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