Ship metadata failing to download 500

Similar to the closed issue here. When attempting to publish an iOS build from ship we’re running into an issue with the metadata config download.

From the failing log:

| (1) |
| id:        |
| version: update                                                              |
| collection: git                                                              |
| toolkit: go                                                                  |
| time: 2021-09-03T08:22:25Z                                                   |
|                                                                              |
e[0m- JSONConfigPath:
- AccessToken: *****
Downloading file from:
e[31;1mfailed to download json config file, error: failed to get response, statuscode: 500, body: {"message":"Internal Server Error"}

Our build are running on the Xcode 12.5.x (Big Sur) stack I’m using Safari

Hello :wave:

This section of the forums is for feature requests, could you please open a ticket with us at Bitrise, send us the URL of the related build and also enable Support Access on the Settings tab of the app ( Enabling the Bitrise Support user for your app | Bitrise DevCenter ) so that we can take a more in-depth look? :slight_smile: