Set app title; register app API

Hi folks ! :slightly_smiling_face:
i want to create app with API
i’m using my python script for this :rocket:
I have a problem with app title
api requests executes succefully hough.
I was asuming that app name is git repo slug. but it doesn’t work
can you help me please how to set correct app title
here is my script . i want app title to be appName but it always has title My_REPO
# register app
URL_register = “
appName = sys.argv[1]
registerPayload = {
‘provider’: ‘github’,
‘is_public’: ‘false’,
‘repo_url’: ‘’,
‘type’: ‘git’,
‘git_repo_slug’: appName,
‘title’: appName,
‘git_owner’: ‘org’,
‘organization_slug’: ‘<123slug>’

Hello there @roma-herman!

The title of the app added via the api will always be the name of the repository. The exact inputs for registering a new app can be found here: Bitrise Swagger UI

Where are you getting the rest of the inputs that are not listed here? :slight_smile:

Hello @Roland-Bak
Thanks for your reply and clarification

I was trying to send title in payload in hope that maybe documentation doesn’t mention it but it’s possible to do so

Unfortunately I have repository which contains a lot of apps and for me title derived from repo nema doesn’t work
would be cool to have option to specify title separately.

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